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Athlete info

Gary Hunt
Date of Birth:
United Kingdom
Resides in:
Paris, France

Introducing the world's best cliff diver – a man, afraid of heights. "I'm so used to judging height and seeing how many somersaults and twists I can do from that height, I can't help but imagine how it would feel to somersault and jump off. So where there's no water underneath, it scares the life out of me." Luckily, when it comes to diving from the equivalent of six double-decker buses – to keep it Brit-style for the Paris-resident – the 6-time World Series champion manages to overcome the fear factor and to make the most complicated dives look easy.

As the passionate juggler studied mathematics a little while ago, here are the plain numbers of his unrivalled career in the World Series: 28 victories and 51 podiums in 59 competitions – he has not missed a single event. The top six high-scores in a single event are his own, followed by Russia's Artem Silchenko. And he's the owner of the most difficult dive in the history of (cliff) diving – (front) three somersaults and 4 ½ twists in less than three seconds, nicknamed 'double in, double out'. "I'm always trying to beat records and do new stuff, so obviously that rings a bell and keeps me going." In eight years of the World Series, Gary has won the overall title six times.

This list could be continued with the most consecutive podiums (21) and the most consecutive wins (6), but the 32-year-old is a lot more than 'just' a brilliant diver. Besides mathematics, it was criminology which caught his academic interest; he's a gifted piano player, although he unpretentiously denies it, he juggles balls and clubs like a pro and not long after he started to learn French, he'd fluently reply to French media in their mother tongue. More than anything, Gary Hunt is humble, laid-back and you can have a great chat about all the world and his brother. As long as you don't get close to any of his cliff diving records...

Career Highlights

• 6-time winner Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series
• Winner of 28 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series competitions to date
• 2017 - winner FINA High Diving World Cup
• 2016 - winner FINA High Diving World Cup
• 2015 - FINA High Diving World Champion
• 2006 - 3rd Commonwealth Games 10m Synchro

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series ranking

2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 & 2010 - 1st overall
2013 & 2009 - 2nd overall