Blake Aldridge


Blake Aldridge

United Kingdom

If you want to know what competitive is, watch Blake Aldridge – the finalist at the 2008 Olympic Games has had to deal with quite some injuries and set-backs in his career but would never ever give up. This mentality can possibly be held accountable for his strong 2017 season, where he secured a British 1-2 behind Gary Hunt in the first stop in Ireland, took his second career win in the World Series and finished off with a sound third place overall.

The 35-year-old, a former British diving world champion, who was also Tom Daley's synchro partner at the Beijing Games, did his first dive from 27 metres in June 2011 at the World Series competition in La Rochelle and has been wanting more ever since. A passionate fisherman, he has introduced two of the hardest dives in the sport: the back armstand dive, with four twists, and the reverse 2 somersault with 5 twists, proving he was born for this kind of sport.

"I'm still learning new dives and can't just sit back and get consistent. New dives need to be done," states the Brit, who is also quite aware of the sport's recent developments, "winning an event nowadays and just getting on the podium is a true luxury." Just know that Blake will do his part to make the year as flashy as possible.