Wildcards - Women

Jaki Valente

At each stop during the 2018 season, the six permanent female divers will be joined by two wildcard divers. Although different wildcards will compete at different events, and some will appear more than others, they can each earn points and ranking in exactly the same way as the permanent athletes.

Cesilie Carlton (USA)

Despite winning in Mostar in 2017, Cesilie Carlton didn't rank high enough at the end of the season to hold onto her permanent status.

Celia Fernández (Spain)

The 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the first year Celia Fernández will be invited as a wildcard.

Jessica Macaulay (GBR)

After a strong 6th place in her first showing in 2017, the 25-year-old, who spent seven years of her life in Malaysia and lives in Texas now, will be only the second female athlete from the UK to perform in a World Series competition.

Helena Merten (AUS)

In 2017, the 22-year-old continued to be the youngest athlete in the field and worked her way up in the overall podium to place 3, right behind her fellow Aussie Rhiannan Iffland. Merten finished four out of six stops in the top 3. Unfortunately she will not be able to compete in 2018 due to contractual obligations.

Iris Schmidbauer (GER)

The second German athlete besides Anna Bader has two starts to her name so far and will at least get a third in her third year as a wildcard diver.

Maria Paula Quintero Torres (COL)

The youngest ever diver to appear in a World Series competition comes from Cali, Colombia, where she trains with Orlando Duque and her stepfather Miguel Garcia.

Eleanor Townsend Smart (USA)

A student of sports psychology, 22-year-old Eleanor will be part of the wildcard line-up again in 2018.

Irlanda Valdez (Mexico)

Mexico's Irlanda Valdez will be invited as a wildcard for the first time in the anniversary year 2018.

Jaki Valente (Brazil)

Having a gymnastics and circus background, the 32-year-old tender looking athlete fell desperately in love with the sport of cliff diving and was part of the divers line-up in the 2014 Women's World Series. After her second place in Polignano a Mare in 2017, Jaki Valente will once again spice up the Women's World Series as a wildcard.

Antonina Vyshyvanova (Ukraine)

The 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is the first year Antonina Vyshyvanova will be invited as a wildcard. The 20-year-old is the first female athlete from the Ukraine.